Should You Reupholster Your Furniture or Replace It

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Choosing to reupholster your sofa will significantly contribute to minimizing your expenses. However, it shouldn’t be a major factor essentially impacting your decision. The difference in the price range for reupholstering and replacing the furniture isn’t too big. So, make sure to have an eye for detail. There is a higher possibility that it’s just the outdoor upholstery fabric making the furniture look old and worn out. 

Upgrading the material provides a sleek and fresh look, unfolding the real structure of the worn-out armchair or couch. So, here we bring you a guide to help you decide whether to invest in replacing or reupholstering the furniture. Be with us till the end!                                   

Factors To Consider For Reupholstering

Reupholstering is an eco-friendly approach as it prevents landfilling. If you’ve invested a great deal of money in sourcing the best wooden furniture, you should consider reupholstering it. However, if the sofa set was bought abruptly just for the sake of having one and it’s low quality, probably consider buying a new one. 

Below are some other such factors that’ll help you make a decision. 

  • Determine how old the piece is

    You’ll first need to consider whether the furniture is a decade old or not yet. The history of any piece plays a crucial role in determining whether it deserves a place inside your house. If the furniture is already a decade old, please don’t spend your precious money reupholstering it. 

    However, ironically, if you’ve been using a structure for the past 10-15 years without any sign of interior damage, know that it’s of incredible quality. It’s a green signal for you to go ahead with the aesthetics makeover. 

    • Check its sturdiness 

      The best way to check furniture’s strength is to shake it back and forth by holding onto it. Does it rock, wobble, or make unsteady sounds? If so, you should probably drop the idea of reupholstering it. 

      On the contrary, if there’s no sign of any weakness, start picking out outdoor upholstery fabric for its makeover. 

      • Frame examination 

        Furniture manufactured using hardwood with a few knots securing it are worth reupholstering. Adding to that, it should also be secured with glue & dowels instead of staples. If you’re at crossroads in determining whether it’s made out of hardwood, all you need to do is remove the cushions and lift it up. 

        Does it feel lighter than it seems? Well, then, the wood isn’t strong enough. However, if it’s the other way round, the furniture has an unbeatable quality. 

        • Examine the springs

          Take a look at the frame's springs. On the platform of fine sofas, coiled springs are twine-tied in an asterisk pattern. The sofa is probably not worth reupholstering if it contains rubber panels in place of springs or springs that are in an "s" form and not coiled. 

          If you are unsure whether the springs are uncoiled or hidden, pat the sofa's underside and feel for the tightness of the dust cover. A tight dust cover is a sign of unrivaled construction. 

          • Squeeze the padding 

            There’s no point in making the aesthetics pleasing with the best outdoor upholstery fabric when the padding is completely worn out. When compressed, the padding shouldn’t feel too squishy or get compressed easily. 

            If you notice any such thing, any investment into reupholstering the fabric is unworthy. So, make sure the padding is still lumpy or firm on your hands. Only then it can become useable post-reupholstering for a prolonged period. 

            • Is it still in trend?

              Most people go for reupholstering simply because their present furniture’s upholstery has become outdated. So, if the aesthetics of the furniture is making you want to change it, go for reupholstering instead of replacing it. 

              You might not find another piece that exhibits the exact comfort as your present one does. Moreover, finding a sofa or furniture that exactly fits your space is an added headache. So, why let go of your perfect furniture when you can just reupholster it. 


              Stay in the trend without letting go of the comfort and warmth that your furniture provides. Shop for outdoor upholstery fabric online from the comfort of your home. Although reupholstering is surely tedious work, the outcome makes everything worth it. The upgraded material adds a refreshing look while keeping the true potential of the furniture intact. So, why wait? Find the best reupholster in the market and start shopping! 

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