Curated Kravet – Mirror Collection for Your Home Decor Needs

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Curated Kravet – Mirror Collection for Your Home Décor Needs

Mirrors are important for various reasons. People use it while applying makeup, brushing their teeth, shaving and for various other things. In short, mirrors are important in everyday life. But, that's not the only way you can use them. For instance, mirrors are also used for home decor.

If you're looking for the best place to buy mirrors for your home decor needs, Refuse Home Interiors is the best option. Here, you will find mirrors from top brands like Curated Kravet.

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Why Are Mirrors Important?

Mirrors are important for various reasons. There's hardly any home in this world that doesn't have mirrors. As a matter of fact, you don't just have one in your house. You have multiple mirrors.

Have you noticed that?

If you want to save cost, you can use mirrors to decorate your home. You can be as creative as you want with mirrors. In fact, you can use them in many creative ways and in multiple locations. You can use them to decorate your living room or bedroom or your bathroom or any other space you can think of.

Here are the benefits of having mirrors at home:

1. It makes your Space Look Bigger

    If you live in a tiny apartment or small house, you can use mirrors to create an illusion of space. Large mirrors can make your home look bigger than it actually is. Likewise, you can use mirrors in your bathroom to make it appear more spacious.

    Mirrors can also be used in narrow spaces. For example, in a narrow hallway. Mirrors or a single large mirror can make your narrow hallway look bigger and brighter.

    2. Increase the lightning in the room

      As you know well, mirrors reflect light marvelously. In ancient times, mirrors were used to light the room that doesn't get much sunlight. Multiple mirrors were installed in a room, at certain angles. This way, even a narrow beam of sunlight was enough to light up the room. The light reflects on each mirror. creating an illusion of a bright lit room.

      You can do the same thing in your home too.

      3. Maximize Lighting in the Room with Mirrors

        If you live in a house or an area where you don't get much sunlight inside, and there is not much scope of renovation, you can use mirrors to increase the brightness of the rooms

        4. Improve Aesthetic Appeal Of Your Home

          As you know mirrors are not just practical but has a great aesthetic appeal too. You can buy mirrors in so many designs and styles. For example, you can get them in contemporary, classic, or modern designs.  

          Curated Kravet is a brand that specializes in home decor items. This includes mirrors. You will find a stunning collection of mirrors in various designs here. The mirrors come in various shapes, designs, colors and themes.

          5. Train Yourself to Look Smart with mirrors

            Hanging mirrors around the house can be very beneficial for your personality. Throughout the day, you will have a chance to look at yourself in the mirrors around the house. This way you will be able to train yourself to look sharp or smart. It is good for your self-image. You can train yourself to walk tall, improve your posture and arrange your facial expression. All this you can do without spending extra time on it.

            Best Selection of Mirrors by Curated Kravet

            Curated Kravet is well-known for its excellent collection of home decor items. It has a wide selection of decorative mirrors. Here are examples of some of the best designs:

            • Forest Mirror CL Natural by Curated Kravet

            This is a mirror style that will easily stand out on your walls. It has an eye-catching spike like design around the round mirror. It is made from natural rattan and has leather wrap around it. It is an excellent choice for decorating living room or hallway

            • Park Avenue Mirror CL Gold by Curated Kravet

            It has a very simple, but elegant design. This is a typical rectangle shaped mirror with remarkable gold leafing on the edges. That's what makes it stand out. It has been cast in cotton resin and has gold leafing around it.

            • Santa Monica Mirror CL Gold by Curated Kravet

            This is a beautiful piece with regular mirror design. What makes this mirror stand out is the beautiful feather-like design at the top. It has also been cast in resin and gold leafing.

            • Espers Accent Mirror CL White Gold by Curated Kravet

            It is a round, disc-like mirror with hand finished resin. The gold trimming in the middle makes it stand out.

            • Wisdom Accent Mirror CL Black Gold by Curated Kravet

            It is also a round, disk-like mirror with resin accent and gold trimmings. The outer ring is in black color, with white in the middle. One of the best features of this mirror is that it looks like a phonograph record.

            The Bottom Line

            Mirrors are versatile products that can be used in multiple ways. You can use them for decoration, to look at it, and you can give them as gifts. Curated Kravet has one of the most stunning collections of mirrors. Kravet fabric and Kravet wallpaper collections are also popular.

            Refuse Home Interiors brings you the best selection of Curated Kravet products. It includes Kravet fabric, Kravet wallpaper and more. All the products are 100% genuine and are available at reduced prices. 

            Check out the mirror collection by Curated Kravet here -

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